• Title: Levitation
    • Artist: Eleanor Owen Kerr
    • From: Baton Rouge, LA USA
    • URL: eleanorowenkerr.com
    • e-mail: eleanor@eleanorowenkerr.com
    • Phone: +1 225.773.4380

    Artist Statement

    While beginning to teach me the silence crucial to his own legendary art, Paul Caponigro admonished me time and again that we must be still in order to "listen with the eyes and see with the heart". My photographs have become signposts on a journey into silence and the experiences possible when we are truly still. Most of us have encountered a place where the layers obscuring nature's mysteries seem a bit thinner than elsewhere. Such places are the ones which draw me in, encouraging me to dig deeper, linger, and feel. Often compelled to return again and again, new mysteries await at each visit; nature's answers are immutable yet kaleidoscopic. My photographs explore a nature which speaks simultaneously of ephemera and permanence, passages and sanctuary, reflections and revelations. They are signposts, reminders, and guides.

    Ocean Point: Levitation represents such a place and time for me. I spend a least a month in midcoast Maine every summer. Two years ago, I was introduced to a wonderful area in East Boothbay called Ocean Point. The allure of its primal terrain tugged at something just below my conscious level of articulation. I returned again and again, staying until darkness made the trek back across the rocks a foolish proposal justified only by artistic compulsion. Levitation is one in a series of images which resulted from these visits. The boulder, seeming to rise under the power of mysterious forces, invites us to enter a realm where new perceptions always await.

    In an increasingly digital age, I remain committed to silver based materials and the craft of the wet darkroom. I made this image with a 4x5 Deardorff view camera and meticulously printed it using traditional archival processes. For me, the contemplative stance stimulated by use of these materials as well as the intimate, hands-on connection they foster between the artist and the subject matter, are a vital part of the process in executing my vision.