• Title: Liftoff On The Lineup
    • Artist: Randall Fox
    • From: San Martin, CA USA

    Artist Statement

    I LOVE the ocean, it is my passion and my peace. Finding positive interaction between people and the ocean, not to mention nature in general, is important to me. It's crazy because I entered several pictures that I took great pains to compose and 'think' out. The shot that was chosen is one that I looked up in non-thinking moment and just 'snapped'. I just tossed it in to see if it got any comments back from the judge! As you might guess I'm THRILLED with the comment... I've never been very spontaneous in my actions or shots Maybe I should learn to be :)

    Regarding my photography, please keep in mind that the basis for my work was my education at the "point, push and pray" school of digital media and hard knocks. My main theme when creating new visionary images is that it's better to be lucky than good.