• Title: Motion
    • Artist: Amit Bar
    • From: Doetinchem, Netherlands
    • URL: www.amitbar.com
    • e-mail: amit@amitbar.com

    Artist Statement

    My body-paintings are made in a manner which is not very often executed: The paintings don't replace clothing or suggesting the continuing of the background. By applying colour and form from my fantasy, the body gets extra dimension. Naturally, the models have a very important input at succeeding such an art work. During painting they must be motionless and patient, although the painting-process can last sometimes a lot of hours. When the painting is completed they must keep still enough energy to radiate the elegancy and style, which is required during posing for the photos.

    Painting the body according to my ideas is in itself already an artistic expression. But if the painting is not photographed, nothing remains of the great efforts of me and the model. It is then the task of the photography to emphasise the extra dimension, which the painting gives to the body. Frequently I let my models move and dance during photographing. As a result, an elegant and original composition arises, which elevate the artistic quality of the photograph.

    The body-painting Motion was created in April 1st 2002. This is not a joke of course...

    It was the first time for this model to be painted. Nevertheless, she was very cooperative. Though she wasn't a dancer, she was able to make the movement which I asked her to make. In this manner she emphasized with her body the lines which were painted on her.