• Title: W Hotel #2
    • Artist: Robert Shults
    • From: Austin, TX USA
    • URL: www.swbiograph.com
    • e-mail: swbiograph@earthlink.net
    • Phone: +1 512.769.6512

    Artist Statement

    When I arrived in Austin, during the spring of 2001, I was homeless, and spent several months finding my way off the street. In the summer of 2007, I learned that I would be laidoff from the teaching position I had held for nearly all of the intervening six years, and I suddenly felt an old anxiety in a profoundly new way. As a means to create a sort of personal, psychological roadmap through potential cataclysm, I then began an exploration of the often overlooked spaces where one might find some temporary physical and spiritual shelter: the undersides of bridges, awnings, and doorways, the plazas of public buildings, the alleyways, and abandoned structures of this Central Texas city. The results of that search for spiritual and physical sustenance within the unique lines and shapes formed by light and structures within my community form the body of work presented here.