• Title: Bosque Mist
    • Artist: Peggy Hansen
    • From: Boulder Creek, CA USA
    • URL: www.peggyhansen.com
    • e-mail: chakmool@earthlink.net

    Artist Statement

    One predawn morning at Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge this past January, the condtions were just right, with air and water temperature combining to produce an eerie mist rising from the surface of the frozen pond. Hundreds of snow geese lay huddled on the ice nearest the road, with sandhill cranes grouped behind them, all silhouetted by the rising sun. In this image, I wanted to show the vast number of birds massed together, shapes that at first glance may not be decipherable but become clear after picking out the individual birds' heads rising from the mist. And of course I wanted to show that magical light, the interplay of sun and mist and color that completely makes the shot.