• Title: Corrugated Building
    • Artist: Ricky Hull
    • From: Billerica, MA USA
    • URL: rickyhullphoto.com

    Artist Statement

    Corrugated Building was taken in February of 2005, in Cambridge Massachusetts. It was quite cold that day being February in New England. I had been photographing different buildings in the area at the time. As is often the case in my creative process, I was deconstructing the buildings and isolating the various parts, looking for interesting compositions. What struck me most about this image was the intersection of the one building into wall of the other building. The intersection of the two buildings was more interesting in that both buildings were made of the same material and the pattern was all running vertical except for the roof of the one building intersecting at a different angle than everything else. I also liked the feeling that the back wall was part of something much bigger (intimidating) than the smaller intersecting building. Aside from trying to get the composition of the image the way I wanted it, I was also thinking about going some place to warm up. Such is life in New England.