• Title: Sandy Sand
    • Artist: Celeste Brignac
    • From: Cotton Tree, QLD Austrailia
    • URL: www.celestebrignac.com
    • e-mail: downunder.girl@gmail.com

    Artist Statement

    Walking along the beach, early in the morning at a very low tide, I noticed the beautiful patterns that the water had left in the sand. I photographed a lot of sand that morning, knowing that the next tide would come through and move the sand into its own special design.

    As I began looking at the images, it seemed fitting to combine the images into a piece that would incorporate all of the textures together. It wasn't until I began the process that I discovered it was not only the water that left its mark in the sand, it was also the creatures that live in and move over the sand as well. Its an image that welcomes a closer look!