• Title: City Smell
    • Artist: Marina Stern
    • From: El Granada, CA USA
    • e-mail: mychicky678@yahoo.com

    Artist Statement

    On a Saturday in January my mom and I decided to spend the day in San Francisco to visit the photography exhibit at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Since I bring my camera almost everywhere I go I am always looking for a good picture. When we left the museum, clouds had floated over the sun making it a better time to take pictures. While we were driving I noticed the angles and shadows of two particular buildings. One of them had a faded ad of Remy Martin painted on it and the other had a series of windows with all different shades of grey. When I took the picture I did not have the intention of making the photograph all black and white except for the Remy Martin ad, but when I imported the photograph into Adobe Photoshop Lightroom it seemed like the best option. By taking away the color of the buildings the angles, textures, and shades of the windows were made clearer. When I was controlling the saturation of the red I noticed that behind the Remy Martin ad was a painting of a Chinese dragon. It was interesting to find a pattern inside of the pattern I had already noticed.