• Title: Dune Symmetry
    • Artist: Jesse Stuart Mechling
    • From: Belmont, MA USA
    • URL: www.travelandnaturephoto.com
    • e-mail: jesse@travelandnaturephoto.com

    Artist Statement

    The beauty and majesty of the natural world inspire me to share my passion for photography with others. I prefer color photography for my landscape work, since nature provides such a vivid array of colors for the senses. Patterns and shapes, created naturally or by humans, are heavily represented in my work, yet I am always searching for unique visions of nature. This image was taken near Soussevlei in the Namib Desert, Namibia. Truly one of the world's most spectacular countries, Namibia is home to the world's highest and certainly most colorful dunes. I have photographed these dunes on a few occasions, but captioned this image on my first visit. I was following an Oryx (large African antelope) to try and capture an image of it walking up a dune. The Oryx lost me in the dunes, but I came across this dune with a seemingly perfect shape. It is simple, yet striking at the same time. It is one of my favorite images in my collection.

    It is my hope that people will see my images and take more time to look at the world around them. Only by gaining a greater appreciation of the natural world, will we be able to protect what we have left both for ourselves and the other creatures that inhabit this world with us.