• Title: Sea Wings
    • Artist: Jan Walker
    • From: Cambridge, MA USA
    • e-mail: info@RegattaActiveImages.com

    Artist Statement

    I have taken photographs since the age of 8. I prefer found compositions outdoors and am opportunistic, grabbing shots when and as I can. For several years, I followed international sail boat racing, particularly of the Olympic class boat, the Star. During the 2006 Olympic Classes Regatta in Miami, I captured the image I titled "Sea Wings" during the final race for the men's Olympic board sailing class. The print is a digital image, printed with archival inks on glossy paper.

    Sea Wings is a beautifully balanced instant in time, captured against many odds. The wind was in the 20's; the photographers' launch was rolling in the waves; the sun was directly behind the sailors as they came towards us from the upwind mark. Finding a spot to shoot from in the moving boat while dodging other photographers' elbows was a challenge. Just keeping the swiftly moving sailors in the viewfinder took real concentration. I was looking for the boats to compose themselves into art, not just a picture. Suddenly I felt rather than saw the moment and clicked the shutter. Within a second or two, they had passed our launch and were gone from the dazzling light. No way to get across the boat to take more shots of them heading away from us to the next mark.