• Title: Blue Ridges
    • Artist: Lynda Herskovits
    • From: Norwood, NJ USA
    • e-mail: lynstamor@msn.com

    Artist Statement

    Whatever amazing facts I have heard about glaciers and icebergs did not adequately prepare me for the actual encounter with this wondrous form of nature. Taken on my first trip to Alaska on July 28, 2005, this particular iceberg located in the Tracy Arm Fjord near Sawyer Glacier was fascinating. As the boat neared this iceberg, I was awed by its variations in color, texture and form. The saturation of the blueness and the patterns of the ridges revealed the story of how it evolved and eroded to its state as captured in this photograph. Amidst the great expanse of ice, sea and mountains, far from civilization, this iceberg was indeed an incredible sight!