• Title: Sand Pattern - Untitled 6
    • Artist: Larry Deemer
    • From: Breezy Point, NY USA
    • e-mail: larrydeemer@hotmail.com

    Artist Statemet

    The photographs appearing in this show are from a large collection of sand patterns that I have encountered on the beach after high tide. Sometimes the patterns are austere in their simplicity while others repeat complex patterns with precision. This photograph was a simple pattern that is speckled with a few raindrops.

    Growing up in Panama and Texas I played outdoors, and came to appreciate the qualities of these diverse landscapes. I often find that city dwellers think that nature is nothing less than the Grand Canyon. Natural beauty is at the nearest patch of grass, or tree, or sand. Paying attention is often the only lens needed.

    These color photographs were taken on the beach at Breezy Point, a coastal neighborhood in New York City, where I live.