• Title: Evidence of Being is in the Patterns of Process
    • Artist: Sondra Dee Brown
    • From: Houston, TX USA
    • URL: www.sondrasneed.com
    • Phone: +1 713.623.1818

    Artist Statement

    I was visiting a favorite place, the Museum of Natural History in New York City, where they have a section of large and small and some extinct, stuffed animals on exhibit. The large cat shown is a now extinct type of Leopard. The taxidermist, however, has given the animal so much life with its stance of perpetual, impending action.

    In the lens, the creature moved as I panned my camera across its frozen back. I was looking for the angle that would simulate its enormous strength in life well enough onto a flat photographic print. Suddenly I stopped my pan, held my breath and snapped the shutter when I saw it's massive shoulder blades mimic the mountain range and its tail swoop back into the edge of the frame. I thought these things would reinforce the cat's majesty and emphasize its imagined reign over the land and beasts below.

    When I returned home with the series, I noticed something else about the huge feline. It was something that has been in my mind for sometime regarding evolution and the life of cells. On the cat's spine, you can see its spotted patterns as if they were generated from the spinal line outward. As the animal grew throughout its life, the spots reproduced within the quilt of a fur coat. I imagined it to be like a software program that was running and only stopped when maximum size of the beast had been reached.