Third Prize 2
    • Juror's Comment
      An imaginative fusion of body and metal that formed this statuesque figure of strength with the facial expression of vulnerability and solitude.

  • Artist Statement

    The entry piece, Leaving Myself Behind is the combination of a black & white negative (printed as a positive) of a male, and a color slide of dust on a metal air-conditioning vent. All of my photographs are taken with a 4"x5" large format camera. Composite images are layered working on a light table. No digital manipulation is used in the process. What I see on the light table is what is seen on the final print.

    My photographic process is a bit different in that I have thousands of texture and bodies images taken over the past 14 years. Rather than having a preconceived idea of what the final image will be at the time of taking the photograph, it is purely a process of discovery on the light table, where I find that magic combination of body and texture that reveals something far greater than the individual images.