Honorable Mention 10
      Juror's Comment
      This is a very fresh and inventive image with a beautiful lyrical quality in the movement of lights which defines this city and landmark.

    • Title: Eiffel Tower Sparkles
    • Artist: Joan Sullivan
    • From: Montreal, QU CAN
    • URL: www.joansullivanphotography.com
    • e-mail: joansullivan@gmail.com
    • Phone: 514.667.3912

    Artist Statement

    As the daughter of an architect, I have always been inspired by the Eiffel Tower. During a brief visit to Paris in the summer of 2005, I challenged myself to "see" one of the most recognizable structures in the world in a new light. Taking advantage of the 20,000 sparkling lights which are illuminated for only ten minutes every hour on the hour from dusk until 1:00 am, I lay on the grass of the Parc du Champs de Mars along with thousands of other tourists at the foot of the tower and deliberately panned my camera from right to left in order to "paint" with the twinkling light emanating from this majestic building. These one and two second pans resulted in an unexpected celestial feel to the image in which the alternating sparkles caught by the digital sensor resemble stars in the Paris night sky.