Honorable Mention 2
  • Juror's Comment
    An exquisite and eloquent image with its stunning, painterly qualities.

    • Title: Wine From Tart Apples
    • Artist: Iryna Lialko
    • From: Kiev, Ukraine
    • e-mail: irensolis@mail.ru

    Artist Statement

    In the given work I wish to create the mood of easy nostalgia, to transfer the taste of memory. Memories become tart through time, tart with exciting aroma. One half of an apple and one glass is a symbol of completion or there can be a beginning symbol. I would like to give a hint at new development by a symbol in the form of fresh spring colors. I would like to connect tart bitterness of nostalgia and exciting anticipation of the future. In this work I use toner and blor lenses.