Honorable Mention 1
    • Juror's Comment
      A wonderful expression of beauty in this Polaroid transfer medium.

    • Title:
    • Artist: Heather Oelklaus
    • From: Colorado Springs, CO USA
    • URL: www.camerakarma.com
    • e-mail: camerakarma@earthlink.net
    • Phone: +1 719.578.9226

    Artist Statement

    I created Shiva through my frustration as a wife, mother, and artist. Creating this work has shown me the beauty in my everyday pattern of living and balancing my roles. Shiva was created using the Polaroid Emulsion Transfer process. In this process, the Polaroid is set into a tray of boiling water. The emulsion blisters and with a cotton ball, I remove the emulsion from its backing. I carefully take the delicate emulsion and place it onto draft film. Once on the draft film, I am able to move the emulsion around to my liking being very careful not to tear the thin layer of emulsion. After the image is dry, I apply a UV protecting spray.