Under the Milky Way by Steven Shpall
© 2014 Steven Shpall

    • Title: Under the Milky Way
    • Artist: Steven Shpall
    • From: Palo Alto, CA USA

    • e-mail: snshpall@aim.com
    • Website: www.shpallphotography.com

    Artist Statement

    "I have always looked at life from a different perspective, and that perspective is reflected in my photographs. I am often inspired by everyday objects that others may not give a second look. Random conversations can also provide inspiration for my photography; words turn into images and an idea evolves. And if I can inject a little bit of humor, all the better.

    "I also enjoy exploring the interplay of color and shapes in unexpected ways. I try to capture subjects in a way that catches the viewer's attention and raises a curiosity about the story behind the image.

    "Although initially trained in traditional film and darkroom techniques, I easily transitioned into digital photography. I have found that using a digital camera is essentially the same as having an infinite number of film types in a single camera. With a digital camera I can shoot both bright sunlight and long exposures at night, simply by switching a dial.

    "As a photographer who likes to shoot almost anything I can get in front of a lens, this flexible technology allows me t explore my creativity to its kookiest ends."