Mono Lake Garden by Edward Nunez
© 2013 Edward Nunez

  • Artist Statement

    "This weekend, I happened to be on my way back from Las Vegas to the San Francisco bay area. I decided to make a quick stop in Mono Lake, I arrived maybe 1 hour before sunset. The parking lot was packed of cars of what I assumed were photographers', and I was not even thinking about photographing. But I went anyway, of course I was not even aware it was going to be full moon, and photographers were lining up to photograph it.

    "I happened to see well known photographer leading a workshop, and I wanted to say a quick 'Hello' as he's been an inspiration for me (most probably without him knowing it.) I said hi, and in the middle of our quick conversation (which I probably was not saying anything coherent) I happened to say 'Too bad the sunset seems that is not going to be a very good one', the professional he is, he said 'Don't discard this one yet, and the full moon is rising as well'... I had already scouted the place I wanted to shoot... well 20 minutes later, we had the sunset you see in this image. I felt embarrassed, and smiled a bit just remembering what I said."