Portrait of Geoffrey Rush by Stefano Schirato
© 2013 Stefano Schirato

    • Title: Portrait of Geoffrey Rush
    • Artist: Stefano Schirato
    • From: PESCARA, PE Italy

    • Website: www.stefanoschirato.it

    Artist Statement

    "This photo was taken in April 2012 in the province of Wien in Austria. Geoffrey Rush, Oscar winner, was the principal character of the last G.Tornatore’s film 'The Best Offer'. The film tells an unusual love story set in Vienna, in the world of auctions, among luxury hotels and fine restaurants. The story revolves around a loveless elderly man who intersects with an astute young man and a mysterious woman in a Central European setting. It was a break between a scene and another, and there was an amazing light facilitated by the smoke in the room."

    Camera: Nikon D 700

    Lens: 35-70 f2.8
Shutter: 100

    F: 5.6

    Iso: 1600