Gate of the Valley by Xavier Cohen
© 2013 Xavier Cohen

    • Title: Gate of the Valley
    • Artist: Xavier Cohen
    • From: San Jose, CA USA

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    Artist Statement

    "As a French engineer, my approach to photography starts by focusing on the technical aspects of the craft. Nature attracts me later and helps me to fine tune the Art of Photography.

    "This image was conceived in my mind almost a year prior to capture of it. I monitored the weather forecast, weather patterns and webcams to anticipate the best moment to drive to Yosemite National Park. After a major snowstorm, I decided to try my luck. The amount of snow was so deep that part of the valley road was closed. My first try was a deception: no sunset. My second day almost turned the same way...till the five last minutes. The result exceeded my expectations!"

    Technical Aspect: Canon XTi, 17mm, f8, 1/3sec, ISO 200. The image was not altered.