Picasso's Blue Smoke Period by Judy Kramer
© 2013 Judy Kramer

    • Title: Picasso's Blue Smoke Period
    • Artist: Judy Kramer
    • From: Palo Alto, CA USA

    • e-mail: jahkramer@aol.com
    • Website: www.earthwitnessphoto.com

    Artist Statement

    "Smoke spirals upwards in such fascinating and ephemeral patterns, and once you see the shape, it changes before your eyes. That makes capturing smoke an interesting and worthy photography challenge. This image, using smoke from an incense stick, was originally white wisps on a black background. To emphasize the pattern, I inverted the colors in post-processing and added the blue color. To me, the shape looked like a Pablo Picasso nude abstract, with the body seen from different angles at one time. Since a period of Picasso’s art is called his Blue Period, I gave it the name Picasso’s Blue Smoke Period. The image was taken with a Nikon D-90 and a 105 mm macro lens."