1:1 Series, Untitled 2 by Doug Clark
© 2010 Doug Clark
Honorable Mention 11.
      Juror's Comment

      From Janet Jones:

      This is a simple tribute to the beauty of small things. By greatly enlarging a decayed oak gall, he’s given it monumental scale, emphasizing the surface texture and the jagged lines of the broken shell. The placement at the bottom of the black background feels exactly right.

    • Title: 1:1 Series, Untitled 2
    • Artist: Doug Clark
    • From: Jacksonville, AL USA

    • e-mail: dclark@dougclark.com

    Artist Statement

    The images in my 1:1 Series are gathered from near my house in Jacksonville, Alabama. When I moved out here from Washington State I had to reinterpret my relationship with landscape photography. The thick forest and plant diversity of this region along with a lack of open landscapes brought me to a macro perspective on natural forms. The series 1:1 was all shot on a still life macro table set up in my house. Instead of going out into nature to compose my images I bring smaller forms inside to explore their surfaces and shapes. The images are reproduced in a large format print to be shown in a gallery allowing the intricacies of these natural forms to create their own grand landscapes.