Six o'clock Low by Gary Augustino
© 2010 Gary Augustino
Honorable Mention 2.
      Juror's Comment

      From Stephen Johnson:

      Great angle with a compelling human presence

    • Title: Six o'clock Low
    • Artist: Gary Augustino
    • From: Antioch, CA USA

    • e-mail:
    • Phone: + 1 (925) 7799496
    • URL:
    • Address: 2905 Garfield Place
      Antioch, CA 94509, USA

    Artist Statement

    "I flew over the runway at 500 ft. - full throttle in my Cessna Cardinal while coordinating with the much faster L 39 over taking, 50 feet below. A video camera aligned with the still camera allowed live monitoring on a video screen on my instrument panel. A cable release was fired as he passed under. Manual focus was acquired by pre planning the aircraft to aircraft distance on the ground prior to flight. It was a phenomenal rush!!"


    Nikon 50mm 1.8
    1/1000 at 5.6 ISO 200
    Kodak SLR/n